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Vital Health Massage is a service that prides itself on providing expert treatment that lasts.

Specializing in variety of therapeutic & Remedial massage techniques that are tailored to suit your specific condition(s).

Choose between our mobile treatment service to be seen at your home, office or our private clinic room located in central Ballarat 

Conditions we treat:

• Headaches 

• Sciatica 

• Stiffness

• Swelling

• Chronic Pain

• Vertigo

• Sinus issues 

• Insomnia 

• Stress 

• Lethargy 

We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality techniques and post treatment advice to help you to feel and function your best! 

*Please note although we are Ballarat Based we also regularly travel throughout the state to treat our clients. 


Booking your own professional massage session has never been so simple.

1 - Contact the VHM team to schedule your ideal day, time and location.

2 - Your therapist will arrive completely equipped to give you a truly professional, elite level Remedial massage.

What sets us apart from most is that prior to any hands on treatment we take the time to understand and locate the root cause(s) of your problems rather than spot treating the symptoms, we know that the spot treatment approach doesn't work for us so we don't expect it to work for you! 

Utilizing our unique & thorough approach we apply the correct and specific massage / treatments to guarantee we not only reach your health goals, but exceed them!

Assessment & Diagnosis forms an integral part of our approach to treating the whole body, not just a complaint in isolation. This service is fundamental to ensuring our patients’ long-term health and wellness.



Movement for Life

Since 1995, The VHM team have been participating in numerous high level sports which led us to work alongside many leading Allied health professionals and physicians from around the world.

It was from this extensive first hand experience combined with years of further study that we were able to develop our own full body treatment techniques that utilized many forms of therapy to fast track recovery and long lasting results. 

Operating our clinic and mobile treatment service from Ballarat, Victoria our mission is to help people regain function, free them of pain and to ultimately improve their overall quality of life.

We look forward to meeting and treating you soon! 

Stay Well.


Team Vital Health Mobile Massage 



M-S: 9am-7pm



• Treatment is priced at $100 per 1hr block

Based in Ballarat, Servicing Victoria.

Experience The Difference

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Treatment Room
Osteopath at Work


"We are both feeling really good. It was so incredible and something I haven't experienced before. We both feel like new women. Thank you so much and we will definitely be seeing you again!" - Madison 
"Unbelievably knowledgeable and extensive, David's massage and techniques have found and solved problems that were not known to exist, and have raised a baseline level of health and well-being to simply greater levels than they were before."-Sam

"Thanks David!!! Feel fantastic already 😎 will definitely do this more regularly!! No pain this morning just energised!"-Teresa
"Good morning David! I am feeling really good today! I definitely feel as though I see some progress already! I'm a little tender which is understandable since you worked through a lot of my tension yesterday. 10/10 for the massage! Thank you very much." 
-Alanna 😊 
"Dave is one of the few in my last 20 years of treatment that actually "gets"my body. He listens and works with you to understand you and your body,not just following the same steps every time. Each session is different as he gains feedback on how my body responds to different treatment and works with that. Highly recommended." -Ben
"Great to have the ability for staff to take time and get a massage at work. Professional customer service & great communication before and after from David. This is definitely a service I recommend for your workplace. He created a great environment that the whole team loved. Thank you so much." -Katherine 
"Couldn't recommend David highly enough. Superknowledgeable and passionate about what he does. Very genuine and motivated to get you feeling your best. -Emily
"Couldn't believe the difference after
just one short session! Dave was great, being from a high level motocyling and cycling background too he knew what was going on straight away. Simply couldn't be happier." -Alex